Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I finally got my office. No sharing, no moving in a couple of months. No having to avoid other people's stuff that could hit my blind side etc. I do have four plants, all of them are named. It is way cool. But interesting side story about it. It is back in the middle of the Enviro Group. When it was being decided my boss asked me if that office was ok or did I want to move closer to Marsha, our Permit Coordinator. To move next to her would have been to move back to the bullpen and a cubicle. So lets with a door and a window, or a cubicle and awesome fluorescent lighting. Tough call but the window and the door won out and the side entrance to the building is a short 20 feet from my office door.

A skull pic of Ron's awesome Ram....Nice shootin Tex.

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