Monday, June 29, 2009

Dangers of the One Eye

One of the major drawbacks of being blind in one eye is the whole spacial relation problem. You see I forget that I have a right side of my body and thus it can be ran into various stationary objects. Sunday night is one such example. To spare you the details I kicked the wall and split my toe open. It hurt I almost cried. But I was tough and after a few laps of Mario Cart I was able to hobble to bed. A special thanks to Kristi for doctoring my ouchy toe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tuesday the Arnell Trio went on a road trip to Manti and Lehi and Springville for a wedding. Yeah a wedding on a Tuesday, I was slightly baffled by all of this. But enough of that, it was a nice trip and a great way to rekindle some friendships with some of my kin folk I have not talked with for a day or two. I will say this for those in the greater Springville area, the Museum of Art is a wonderful little place to see some nice art. I was pleasantly surprised by the artwork featured and did find a few peices to enjoy, however it was during the reception so that made it weird. But it was a fun little place to see some local artist's work.

What's that Again

This past weekend Kristi and I were arguing and of course I was is the proof.
Me: What does a chicken say then?
Kristi: Quack Quack

There ya go, now you know why I am scared to leave her alone with the baby.