Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Up to Date...Well Almost

In the last month or so I have been to a family reunion in Star Valley, emptied our Storage Shed, filled the basement with junk, started to prepare a nursery, and went bow hunting for Bambi. For those of you that know me know that I am somewhat frugal, or cheap, sop this past weekend on the hunt I shot an arrow and it skipping through the forest. Needless to say I have yet to find it and this is causing me some serious concern. So I think Ranger and I are going back up real soon to look for this lost arrow.
On a different note I watched the first Wyo Cowboy football game of the season last Saturday. Hmmmmmm it is hard to speak nice words at this point. I am deeply concerned on all levels of the team and did a lot of yelling at the TV. Hopefully it gets better. The Bounty Hunter Defense I think is trying to hunt a three and out. At least I hope they are actively searching for it. More to come as the season progresses. And yes Kristi is still "Great With Child" and yes she is meaner than usual.....
I must publicly thank my wife of 10 years now. She has been there through it all and without her I would be in college still and who knows what else. I owe her everything.