Friday, July 27, 2007

Fame and Real Life

It would seem that a percentage of this world seems to forget that first we are humans and then it deviates from there. I seem to find it ludicrous that so many "stars" are getting the world rocked by scandal and other assorted run ins with the law. We live in an age where any idiot has a camera of some kind and access to the web so if you do something stupid it will be on the web before you get home. Gone are the days when a person could go out and do something stupid, then rush and home and deny all and walk away unscathed. Well I guess we are all going to have to grow up and start acting like responsible humans if we are going to stay out of the gossip columns for being stupid and then trying to use star power to overcome and conquer the justice system. Although it would be nice to be stupid and get away from it because I am somewhat famous for whatever reason. At least then I would only get in trouble half of the time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Now that I am here--->

I have decided to create a blog to ramble on about the comings and goings in my life. Mostly I just plan on ranting and raving about various things going on in the world. Well maybe just closer to home anyways. On a sad dog of 16 years has gone on to sniff and snoop her way around a new neighborhood. It is sad but after 16 years her time was up and she needed to wander off to somewhere else and that is what she has done. Miss and love you always Sinners.


Well the Watkins family in all its forms has been battling some problems lately. Evidiently the sweetest Grandma on the planet now has a Pacemaker and is battling some other heart ailments. But she is doing well. Mom on the other hand stayed with her and ran herslef down and had to receive to bags via an IV before she could leave Star Valley. if that is the cost to leave I think I will be skipping the reunion this year. I had better not as my fave cousin Justin should be in attendance. Always a pleasure to sit and talk with him.


Well it would seem I have used up my time tonight and hope to see you alll online.

Upcoming World View...

I will be ranting and raving about UDOT, the Niners, the Pokes and all other sports teams I have a deep interest in. As well as possibly moving and other assorted life decisions.