Monday, April 28, 2008


Well I have taken the Professional Engineers test and I think (I think) I passed. Maybe, just maybe by the skin of my teeth. That is a lot of pressure off my shoulders. I was in three (3) fantasy basketball leagues this year. I took a FIRST and a THIRD and a what the ???? was that team doing. So that was nice. Now I am trying fantasy Baseball and so far not so good. It is a bit more trial and error and who is hot and who isn't so it is time intensive I think. I also went golfing in Mesquite at the Casablanca Golf Club. It was quite nice, a bit too nice for a hillbilly golfer like myself but well worth it. I did not play as well as I would have liked too, it being my first time out this season, but there were signs of a decent golfer there somewhere. Will update with other weird wild things at a a later date.