Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Prairie Dogs and Willow Trees

It has been brought to my attention by a respected member of the medical community that eating Kronskis soaked in Jack Daniels will lead to demonic prairie dog sightings. Well to be honest I will not waste my good Jack on Kronskis, that is what cheap beer is for. And the cheap beer leads to a much better prairie dog sighting. And yes I have killed prairie dogs bigger than a certain medical expert's bear. On a side note how hard is it to plant trees if you have the instructions. On a particular state job I am looking after our sub-contractor has failed to plant the trees correctly on two separate occasions. It has made for some humorous interactions between the prime contractor and myself. I guess planting trees is like judging the size of a bear, a lost art. And I will reiterate that I am lashing out at the bear due to jealously problem that I am experiencing. I just need to go and hunt in Alaska, that is all there is to it but since finances will be changing severely in the near future it will take me longer to get there than previously planned.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Delta and El Jefe

I have been traveling back and forth to Delta a few times these past few days. Our contractor is trying to get a few things done so we can complete the final inspection and they can receive final payment. However their subcontractors are a bit slow and do not feel the need for urgency. So I have made a couple of fruitless trips over there to watch no work being done. It would be nice if I had a Kronski to come home too but El Jefe, my buddy, my freind, decided to stiff me on two packs of those delightful dogs.