Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things about Sports I Think I Think....

1. The Colorado Rockies made one of the greatest late season runs of all time. Any team who crashes the post season party in that way deserves everything they received except for the sweep. I am an admitted Red Sox fan but still hated to see the Rockies go out that way.

2. Wyoming Cowboy Football....I love where Joe Glenn is taking the team. However all great programs have some sort of consistency at the QB position. Sween may get there, be he needs to return to the form he had when they played Virginia. He looked good, was efficient, eliminated turnovers, and managed the offense.

3. Right now in my short lifetime Josh Beckett is the best big game pitcher I have ever seen. I do remember Orel Hershiser in the 1988 series and he was great but I have seen Beckett do it in each league. When the lights are brightest, his pitchers are near impossible to hit.

4. Is there any team with bigger PR problems right now than the Yankees. Torre, A-Rod, Mattingly, Girardi. Enough said.

5. WWCC Mustang Soccer....Definite program on the rise. With a burly, slightly aged center back, Nat'l champ contender overnight. Just my thoughts......


I apologize for my departure from this planet we call home. I was being used in alien experiments. I was returned when the alien race started to digress and become a bit more hickish and speak with a bit more redneck in their language.