Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I finally got my office. No sharing, no moving in a couple of months. No having to avoid other people's stuff that could hit my blind side etc. I do have four plants, all of them are named. It is way cool. But interesting side story about it. It is back in the middle of the Enviro Group. When it was being decided my boss asked me if that office was ok or did I want to move closer to Marsha, our Permit Coordinator. To move next to her would have been to move back to the bullpen and a cubicle. So lets with a door and a window, or a cubicle and awesome fluorescent lighting. Tough call but the window and the door won out and the side entrance to the building is a short 20 feet from my office door.

A skull pic of Ron's awesome Ram....Nice shootin Tex.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Long Time No See

It has been a while since I last graced my blog with some sort of post. But I am back to update the world. Lately has been super busy with me. I have had played some golf, scoped out some deer down here for Brian, and changed jobs to name a few. I am now a full time UDOT employee with a full time permanent job. I am now the new Permits Engineer for Region 4 here in UDOT. I am still learning all that my job entails. I am going to miss working in the Enviro group, those were real good times. Attached is one of the few pics of me actually working.

There has been a lot of upheaval in our office lately. Four people have changed offices to accommodate one person. Seems a bit excessive doesn't it, welcome to UDOT Region 4 → Home of the Cut Twice, then Measure Once Approach.

Well enough of bagging on my employer. Happy B-day Landon, Jeff, and Tim. You guys need to spread those out a bit.

Monday, July 27, 2009

More Perilous Times

As one being chosen to wander through life with half vision, I am treated to all kinds of surprises. Just the other day I forgot about I had a right arm and carefully bounced it off of a pillar in our office. It was wonderful. I almost bounced my head off the door of the car but my hat tipped me off it was coming at us. But alas I will keep plugging away.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dangers of the One Eye

One of the major drawbacks of being blind in one eye is the whole spacial relation problem. You see I forget that I have a right side of my body and thus it can be ran into various stationary objects. Sunday night is one such example. To spare you the details I kicked the wall and split my toe open. It hurt I almost cried. But I was tough and after a few laps of Mario Cart I was able to hobble to bed. A special thanks to Kristi for doctoring my ouchy toe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tuesday the Arnell Trio went on a road trip to Manti and Lehi and Springville for a wedding. Yeah a wedding on a Tuesday, I was slightly baffled by all of this. But enough of that, it was a nice trip and a great way to rekindle some friendships with some of my kin folk I have not talked with for a day or two. I will say this for those in the greater Springville area, the Museum of Art is a wonderful little place to see some nice art. I was pleasantly surprised by the artwork featured and did find a few peices to enjoy, however it was during the reception so that made it weird. But it was a fun little place to see some local artist's work.

What's that Again

This past weekend Kristi and I were arguing and of course I was is the proof.
Me: What does a chicken say then?
Kristi: Quack Quack

There ya go, now you know why I am scared to leave her alone with the baby.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fantasy World

As I went through my list of fantasy teams I am convinced I am addicted. Short of Hockey, Soccer, and Golf I think I have played every fantasy sport this last season with mixed results. I think I keep in the top three till the playoffs and then I tank. In order to save my brackets I need the Tar Heels to run the table.